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Traditionally, slot machines offered a predetermined, flat jackpot size which never changed. We’ve already talked a bit about these 'flat top' or 'straight slots' machines which are fairly simple and don’t require any further explanation.

Whist these types of slot machines are still around, they have been completely overshadow by the progressive jackpot, a revolutionary new feature which has attracted fortune seekers in their thousands and deserve a bit more attention here.

The payouts of progressive slot machines are exactly that – progressive – meaning that they progressively grow as more bets are made by slot players. The more bets that are placed, the bigger the jackpot grows. There is no upward limit as it just keeps on growing until the jackpot is hit by a player. So it is little surprise that online progressive slot games have become the latest mega-trend in the world of online gambling.

Progressive slot machines can be self-contained (that is, they do not receive from or contribute to the jackpots of other machines) but are usually interlinked to other slot machines within a casino or even within a state or country and feed into one joint jackpot.

The accumulating progressive jackpot is displayed prominently on a digital screen at the top of the machine to lure potential players. When the jackpot is hit on any one of the slot machines in the network or group, the jackpot amount automatically drops to the default jackpot set by the casino and once again begins to accumulate.

It is usually recommended to bet on all of the pay-lines (provided you can afford to do so over an extended period of time) to increase your chance of winning the progressive jackpot. Each pay line offers an extra chance of winning on a single spin. So whilst playing on progressive slot machines may end up costing you more, the difference in jackpots could be enormous.

Bear in mind, however, that the odds of hitting the progressive jackpot are very low. So if you want to play with more winning spins, play flat top slot machines, but if you want to play for just one (possibly life-changingly-huge) jackpot, play on progressive slot machines.

And of course progressive slot games can now be played online from around the world. So all these millions of slot players are contributing to an ever growing jackpot. You only need to spend a few minutes searching online to see some almost unbelievable progressive jackpot amounts. If you intend to play progressive slots online, be sure to check the rules as some require that you bet the maximum amount in order to be eligible for the progressive jackpot.

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