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Here you can find answers to the some of the most commonly asked questions about slot machines.

Is it better to play mechanical slot machines with a traditional level or electronic slot machine with a button?
There is no difference between an older style mechanical slot machine compared to a modern day electrical slot machine in terms of odds. Both offer exactly the same. It is a myth that pulling the handle is better than pressing the button. However, electronic machines offer higher payouts, greater variation in games, more pay lines and more reels.

Are online slot machines better than real slot machines?
Yes! Online casinos usually offer higher payback percentages because they do not have the same overhead costs as land based casinos. Further, online casinos usually offer more attractive bonuses for slot players because of fierce competition.

Should you play a machine with a higher denomination of coin?
Slot machine that need coins of a higher denomination usually offer a slightly higher payout percentage, however, only play them if you have a bigger bankroll and can afford it otherwise you will reach your limit very quickly.

Is there system to beat a slot machine?
NO! There is no system to overcome the house edge on slot machine. The longer you play, the more money you will lose. Only play slot machines for fun.

Do slot machines have ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ cycles?
Again… NO! In case it is still not clear, every spin is random. There is no set pattern. If it seems that a particular machine is paying out more at a particular time, it is simply because you are being lucky with the random numbers.

Do some symbols have a greater chance of being spun than others?
Yes. It is on this basis that the odds are calculated.

Are Australian slot machines any different?
Only slightly. Australian poker machines usually have 5 reels and slightly more complicated pay out structures.

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Here you can find answers to the some of the most commonly asked questions...

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